So...How do you choose the right photographer? This will be one of the trickiest decisions you'll have to make during the planning of your wedding.

With most other suppliers, you know what you're getting before the big day. With photography, you will not know if you've picked the right one until the photos arrive afterwards.

Below are a selection of questions I sometimes get asked which will hopefully help you out. If however, there is something you would like to know that is not covered don't hesitate to get in touch.


How would you describe your style?

Reportage or documentary as it is sometimes referred to.

My type of photography is to tell the story of your wedding day in pictures. Photographs taken in the moment and that tell individual stories that document your entire day.


We hate having our photo taken is this okay?

Definitely! I always prefer to get those natural photographs over anything posed, I tend to stay as discreet as possible whilst also capturing all of the natural smiles and emotions of the day. 


Do you take the traditional group shots?

Yes I do.

I like to keep this part of your day simple and keep them to as few as possible, as it really can make or break the rest of your day. Trying to round up 20 people during your day can be like herding sheep.

I'd recommend only having maybe 5 or 6 group shots of your close family and bridal party. Group shots of other family and friends mean we're taking shots for and extra 45 minutes and this is what can start making your day rushed. Plus, this means you can have some extra time having a few posed shots on your own or just relaxing and enjoying the special occasion.


Do you take portrait shots of just us two?

Of course. This can certainly be done and often are the standout photos that you'd want to use as a print for your wall or in an album.

We usually have a small session before your wedding breakfast, then if I'm attending the full day, we'll have a twilight session as the sun goes down. It also gives you 20-30 minutes on your own, away from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Don't worry, I'll only get you posing for as long as you want, it's your day after all.


How long do you shoot for on the day?

My full day package covers 2 hours of bridal prep to capture all the details of your dress as well as the last parts of hair and makeup. I then stay until the dancing kicks off and cover up to an hour of that.


How far do you travel?

I am based in South Yorkshire close to the border or Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. I usually shoot weddings in these areas, but I also travel all over the UK.

There are small travel expenses for weddings further than 2 hours away from my base. Any venue further than 100 miles from my studio, I will require a hotel stay the night before and/or night of the wedding.


When will we receive our pictures?

I aim to get your pictures edited and ready for you to download within 6 to 8 weeks. Depending if your wedding is in high season or not will depend how long they'll take me to edit.


How many photos do we get?

There is no set amount of photographs that you’ll receive. I will take photographs of everything beautiful and wonderful throughout the day, and you’ll receive all of the final edited photographs. The more there is to photograph, the more photographs you will receive! But typically from a full day of photography, you can expect a minimum of 500 wedding photographs. Both colour and black & white edit of each.

Will our photos be Watermarked?

Definitely not.

You've paid for them, the last thing you want is my logo all over them.

I do leave my watermark in a corner of your sneak peak photos for social media. But your final images have no watermark and are copyright free.


What equipment do you use and do you have back ups?

I'm a professional photographer and because of this I use professional equipment.

I have back ups for everything. I even have back ups for my back ups. Extra cameras, extra lenses, extra flashes. I have so many batteries and memory cards that I couldn't possibly go through them all in one day.


Do you use flash?

Not usually unless the surroundings require it. During the day, Documentary photography works better without. If your venue is dark then I may use it from time to time.

I use it more during the evening on the dance floor and for a nice intimate shot of you two as the sun goes down.


Do wedding photographers eat?

Yes, of course. Weddings can be long days so keeping fueled to keep up the energy levels is necessary. Although you don't have to feed me. Lots of couples do add a meal for their photographers but I am more than happy to come prepared with packed lunch. I will scoot off and this while you and your guests are enjoying your wedding breakfast.


Are you insured?

Of course. All professionals should be insured in our industry.

I have professional indemnity insurance as well as public liability insurance. I can provide details of this if your venue has requested it.


How do we book?

If you wish to book me, I take a £150 booking fee and you’ll also need to sign a contract once you are happy with everything. The rest of the payment is then due no later than 14 days before the wedding.