Sheffield based event photographer offering prom photography around the region.


Dan Mogan Photography provides an on location prom photography service. We provide very affordable prom photography. Unlike other prom photography options we charge per hour, rather than per picture. So whether you are looking for photos of yourself in prom dress or tuxedo or if you and your friends would like to get together to hire a prom photographer the price is just the same. It just depends how long you need your photographer for.

sheffield hallam university ball photographysheffield hallam university ballphotograph of the girls from the sheffield hallam cheer and dance society celebrating their end of year awards ball.

How much is a prom photographer? 

The cost of our service is only £90 per hour......and can be scheduled for whenever you need it. if you are looking for just photos of the arrivals you may only need to book 1 or 2 hours. If you would like coverage to include more of the celebrations you can book for longer. It's up to you!


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prom photography of sheffield university studentsSheffield students prom Photoprom photographer photograph of girls celebrating at sheffield party



Another option we are able to offer is pay per print. This involves the set up of a pop up studio at your venue.

Students can then have their photo taken upon arrival or later in the evening and pay to have it printed so they can take it home that night.

The cost of prints are £10 each. Both cash and card payments are accepted.









Here are answers to a few questions you may have. If you have any other queries or would like to book please get in touch.


  • How much time do I need my for my prom photographs?

This is really up to you. How much time is needed depends on if you would like to have photographs taken in multiple locations and how many people are having their photographs taken. If multiple locations and or lots of students are having their photos taken 2 hours is usually needed.

  • How do I get the photos? 

The photographs are provided to the organiser/organisers in a password protected online gallery. From here you can download and share the photographs.

  • Where are the photographs taken? 

This is entirely up to you and if we have time we could take your photographs in a few different locations. Whether it be outside or inside the venue for your prom. If you have a backdrop arranged for photos that can be good too...or even just on the dance floor.

  • How long until I receive my photos?

Your photos will usually be ready within 14 days. Sometimes sooner!

  • Can I share the photos with my friends and family?

Yes, absolutley. You can either share the gallery link or download the photos to share with them or even share photos on social media. 

  • Can I have prints of my photos?

Yes, of course. I don't place any restrictions on you having your photograph printed elsewhere. However, there is an online store for professional quality prints and photo gifts that you can order from if you wish.

  • How do I book my prom photography?

You can get in touch by either emailing [email protected] , calling 07834720823 or sending an enquiry via my Contact Page.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by either bank transfer or you can pay by card if you prefer. Details of how to pay will be sent once you have confirmed you would like to book.

  • What other photography services do you offer? 

I am also an event photographer and wedding photographer. If you or someone else are interested in hiring a photographer for your graduation celebrations or anything else, please get in touch and I would be happy to provider a quote.